vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer)


Do You Know…

If you have a complete cybersecurity strategy?

If your I.T. is being used in the most efficient way?

If you have a hardware lifecycle plan?

A virtual Chief Information Officer, or vCIO, is a team who provides consultation for your technology strategy as a third-party, as opposed to an in-house CIO. However, when it comes to our relationship with our clients, we like to keep that relationship close so it feels as if we were an in-house CIO.

As your vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer), we collaborate with our clients to provide strategic consulting services and cost analysis regarding information technology and cloud infrastructure support on your cyber liability insurance forms. This includes working with your cyber liability insurance provider to keep you covered. We have to have it, too! Our vCIO Services assists clients in developing the roadmap for their strategic I.T. plan using up-to-date programs, software, and resources.

vCIO Consult

Analyzing processes and technology 

Assessment & audit consultation

Scheduled I.T. quarterly business review

vCIO Goals

Formulating strategic I.T goals

Planning an I.T budget

Developing a cybersecurity strategy


vCIO Support

Single point of contact for support

We work on client’s behalf with vendors

Lifecycle management of equipment


Protecting your data is one of the most important decisions you can make

Small & medium-sized business solutions tailored to you
Safe & Secure

How vCIO can work for you

We will create a detailed plan to not only meet your needs that you are aware of but create a plan for gaps in your technology that you may not be aware of. We provide you a quality vCIO that will be able to provide sole focus on your business as a reliable point of contact for technological results. You can expect quarterly meetings between your company and your vCIO to help assess, reflect, and take action on the changing technology goals of your organization. In short order, we will make your technology situation better while you feel like we are working right there in-house with you.


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