Co-Managed I.T. Services

Do You Know…

If your internal I.T. staff has the capacity to take uninterrupted vacations?

If your internal I.T. staff has the skill set to handle cybersecurity issues?

If your internal I.T. staff needs an extra set of hands for major projects?

Co-managed I.T. is an I.T. management service model that allows for business and organizations that have their own I.T. department to customize how their services are handled in terms of in-house support versus a partnership. The goal is to create efficiency both in terms of support and costs that allow for not only quick resolution of issues but also a focus on the prevention of cyber-related problems. I.T. co-management is an opportunity to create a partnership to enhance and support your existing I.T. team so that everyone wins.

Retain Control

Your I.T. team maintains control of all administrative access. You choose which areas to streamline with third-party input.

Helpdesk Support

Our team is here to help you one-on-one with resolving your tech needs and challenges.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We can assist you, keep your data safe, and save you money all at the same time.

Manage Cybersecurity & Compliance Services

Instead of fixing it when it breaks and risking a cyberattack, we help prevent those issues.

Secure Cloud Services

Using industry leading cloud services allows businesses the ability to substantially enhance production anywhere there is internet access.

Co-Managed I.T. Services

Do you already have an I.T. department? We have you covered with our customizable co-managed I.T. services.

Disaster recovery requires so much more than backing up files

We can create a plan tailored for your company
Safe & Secure

Understanding the flexibility of co-managed I.T. services

Flexibility is an important component of an I.T. co-management partnership with TriCore. Your internal team needs to know that your external partner is available to adapt to new projects or issues as circumstances happen and your business grows. From the methods for updating tickets to how you communicate your needs, we are here to help you get not only answers but solutions. This may include working with vendors, your direct team, and outside parties to make sure your needs are being taken care of. Flexibility is key to making all of this happen successfully. When matching our expertise with the dedication of your current team, there is nothing we can’t accomplish together.


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