TriCore specializes in I.T. management, backup and disaster recovery services, and cybersecurity tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. We offer flat monthly-rate services that not only take care of your daily tech needs but also handle those unexpected, technical emergencies. We deliver a personalized experience for our clients and are always looking for new I.T. partnerships!

TriCore I.T. Services


Backup & Recovery

We provide Worry Free data protection that utilizes the industry leading technologies to keep ALL of your data and business processes running.

Managed I.T.

We proactively manage networks, backup and disaster recovery, server, and PC services designed to increase efficiency.


We integrate into your team and work to develop an I.T. roadmap. We will be your liaison for working with all other I.T. related vendors.


We offer 24/7 realtime endpoint monitoring, know which systems are compromised, how access was obtained, and remediate them.

Secure Cloud

We provide and manage cloud services such as Office 365, hosted business-line apps, off-site backups, and other cloud offerings.


We establish and monitor risk-based controls to protect the information of our clients that is stored or transferred.