Alex joins the TriCore Team!

Alex Meredith has officially joined the TriCore team and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Many of you have already started to make a connection with him as he completed his first 90 days working from our downtown Fort Wayne office and helping with on-site needs. The majority of his time…

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Budgeting for Cyber-Security in 2019

The cost of a small businesses security breach continues to grow in recent years. Small businesses are becoming the focus of more aggressive attacks due to the lack of security awareness or willingness to incorporate it into their yearly budgets. While global corporations report that a typical data breach can…

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Site-Wide Password Management Service

We will be releasing a new service soon for our customers that will provide site-wide password management. This will allow for a secure and encrypted way to share passwords internally and allow individuals a way to keep track of them personally. A business is only as secure as how their…

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Worry Free IT

If you talk to any of our customers, we hope that you would hear that we aren’t just a team of computer techs. We aren’t a team that just fixes computers day in and day out. We never view ourselves as outsourced. We strive to make you feel as though…

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TriCore is all about Relationships

When we created TriCore we wanted to not only create the best service possible for our clients but we wanted to create a work culture we could feel proud of. We look forward to solving the problems that we are given. All these years later, I can honestly say that…

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