Business Continuity Solution

Business Continuity Solution is about planning and preparing to make sure that your company can continue to operate in case of serious incidents or disasters. A plan should include the ability to recover to a fully operational state within a reasonably short period.

I am not talking about only backing up your server or workstations to some other device or cloud, I am talking about securing your proprietary business information in such a way that significant data loss will not destroy your business.

Some of the bigger disasters that can happen to your data aren’t always caused by natural events (server failure, power outage, lightning strike, tornados). Scenarios have came up in the past where a large amount of data appeared to be missing, moved to another unknown folder, or deleted. This may not have been a security threat or a hardware failure but it still impacted the ability of the company to perform.

Thankfully, with a proper Business Continuity Solution in place we are able to methodically go to several different restore points and cross reference when the data disappeared. If a client were to use a standard server backup solution it is unlikely that we could find a solution. The amount of data that was lost could have been business threatening had they not had an adequate system in place provided by TriCore Logic.

The importance of having a Business Continuity Solution in place is just as important as your business as a whole. We are here to make sure your business continues to run successfully even in the face of disaster. Contact us today to find out how TriCore Logic can keep your business data safe!


Since starting TriCore Logic in 2010 his primary goal is to direct focus on customer service and relieving the IT burden from local small business owners. His vision to change the perception of technology from something that is feared to a vital business tool that is genuinely embraced has been translated into the happiness and loyalty of TriCore’s clients.