Temperature & Face Recognition Scanner

Scanner Features:

•    Real-time face mask detection

•    Stand-alone device, ready for networking

•    High-accuracy IR body temperature measurement

•    Non-contact body temperature measurement

•    Human-sounding voice prompt

•    Face detection technology to prevent spoof attacks

•    Accurate face recognition using deep learning algorithm

•    8 inch LCD screen


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The scanner can be utilized for employers and schools among other public needs. The scanner can detect temperatures before school entrance for students or for employee entrance before gaining access to an office. It can notifyindividuals with additional integrated messages. The scanner gives access to select people at certain times while making sure that their temperature is within a safe range. This is a quick and viable options during the pandemic to help keep everyone safe without slowing down their day. The scanner can be customized to temperature, mask, and security access needs as your needs change.

The temperature and mask scanner offers individual temperature readings at a short-range distance of about 1 – 1.5 feet. It also can do facial recognition at a more extended range of about 1 – 6.5 feet. The temperature tablet, which holds up to 20,000 faces, can integrate with an access control system to give access to restricted areas. The unit can detect if a person is wearing a mask. If they aren’t, the scanner will instruct them to put on a maskbefore allowing access.