TriCore Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Your days of worrying if your business information is secure are over! Utilizing the latest in backup and disaster recovery technologies, we provide managed backup solutions to fit any size business. We offer solutions from simple file-based backups to complete server image backups with off-site redundancy. Contact us today to find out how we can safeguard your business from costly downtime.



Managed Business Continuity – Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Provides a full disaster recovery and management solution to your business data.
  • Backups are done hourly and sent offsite once a day.  In the event of a system failure there are options to bring the data back online locally with a recover point of the previous hours backup.  In the event of a full site wide disaster (fire, storm, flood etc) the data can be brought online in the cloud for access.
  • All backup management, data recovery and disaster recovery procedures are covered in the monthly cost.
  • Upgrade options are available should your environment outgrow the capacity of the backup device (This will be spec’d out and billed separately)
  • Infinite or 1 year cloud retention