Worry Free IT

If you talk to any of our customers, we hope that you would hear that we aren’t just a team of computer techs. We aren’t a team that just fixes computers day in and day out. We never view ourselves as outsourced. We strive to make you feel as though…

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TriCore is all about Relationships

When we created TriCore we wanted to not only create the best service possible for our clients but we wanted to create a work culture we could feel proud of. We look forward to solving the problems that we are given. All these years later, I can honestly say that…

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Business Continuity Solution

Business Continuity Solution is about planning and preparing to make sure that your company can continue to operate in case of serious incidents or disasters. A plan should include the ability to recover to a fully operational state within a reasonably short period. I am not talking about only backing…

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Dark Web Cyber-Security Monitoring Service

We are very pleased to announce TriCore’s Dark Web Cyber-Security Monitoring Service. This service provides around the clock monitoring of the Dark Web and alerts for increasingly compromised digital credentials by scouring millions of sources, including botnets, criminal chat rooms, peer-to-peer networks, malicious websites, bulletin boards, and illegal black market…

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We are the Difference

One thing that I have learned from a lot of discussions with various business owners is that most people mention that they “aren’t good with technology.” Many will confess that they don’t quite understand how things work. One of my favorite responses is “I have no idea how to run…

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