Windows 7 extended support is ending in 2020. Here’s how to prepare.

By Katherine Hajewski and Emily Brown To all the Windows 7 users out there, we have an important announcement for you – and you’ll want to pay attention: Windows 7 extended support is ending on Jan. 14, 2020. With less than a year to go, now’s the time to start…

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The Week in Breach: Uber Australia Hacked

Until a report this week, Uber’s Surfcam’s use was thought to be limited to incidents uncovered in Singapore in 2017. “Surfcam when used in Australia was able to put fledgling Australian competitors onto the ropes,” the former employee said in the report. “Surfcam allowed Uber Australia to see in real time…

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The Week in Breach: FILA Hacked

Sportswear brand FILA is the latest outfit to fall victim to card-stealing JavaScript of the kind that menaced Ticketmaster and British Airways last year. Russian security house Group-IB said it discovered and reported to FILA UK malware known as GMO that was active on the fashion brand’s website for the…

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5 Tips for Saving Money on your IT

Saving a little on your technology can go a long ways, but cutting too many corners can lead to additional problems and expensive downtime. Here are a few ways you can cut costs without creating long term issues: Don’t be Afraid to Replace: Got an older PC that’s causing you…

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Andy joins the TriCore Team!

Andy Uhl has officially joined the TriCore team as our Director of Client Resources! With over a decade in sales experience, Andy has worked in some of the most competitive fields in northeast Indiana. Although he loves competition, he cares most about the relationships he makes with clients. He is…

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