We are the Difference

One thing that I have learned from a lot of discussions with various business owners is that most people mention that they “aren’t good with technology.” Many will confess that they don’t quite understand how things work. One of my favorite responses is “I have no idea how to run a manufacturing facility, how to manage a surgery center, or how the inner workings of the justice system works.” Everybody has their talents and skills and we would love to be your IT support company that you can rely on.

We pride ourselves on being different from other IT providers. I always love sitting down with business owners and their team until they feel comfortable about what we do. We really strive to be able to hold conversations about other areas in life rather than just geek tech talk. We want to make all of our customers feel comfortable by keeping both a personal and professional connection with them. I feel like they truly care about us because we truly care about them.

One of my favorite things about working at TriCore (besides the incredible work environment) is that we have opportunities to learn about different businesses. This is different than working for one corporation in their IT department that only allows you to focus on one business. With TriCore we have manufacturing, real estate, medical facilities, animal care, attorneys, food services, and much more. Connecting with all of these businesses, learning about them, and help them with their technology plans keep us going strong. We get to learn so much about our customers’ businesses while making sure their workflow stays in shape for their needs. That’s why you are just as important to us as we are to you.

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