TriCore Managed Services

Trusting your organization’s technology with us will provide you with industry leading experts who will help guide your IT investment in the most productive and cost efficient direction. From managing PCs, servers, routers, and firewalls to being the interface for your software and hardware vendors, we are here to help you focus on your business, rather than being on phone support for hours.

TriCore Business Continuity

Your days of headaches due to worrying about tape backups are over! Utilizing the latest in backup and disaster recovery technologies, we provide managed backup solutions to fit any size business. We offer solutions from simple file based backups to complete server image backups with offsite redundancy.

TriCore Secure Communications

Instead of only offering anti-SPAM filters, we provide solutions. By offering industry leading on-demand encryption in connection with SPAM/anti-virus filtering, large file sharing services, and a fully functioning archive that acts as your interim mail server during an outage, we have revolutionized the way your business communicates in the digital age.


TriCore Logic